Stability Test Chamber
Designed to carry out stability & shelf list test on drug & drugs substance
Vacuum Oven
Scientifically designed to provide excellent vacuum & temp. performance
Laboratory Oven
Metallic double walled dully insulated door with Temp range 500C to 2000C
Stability Test Chamber
Laboratory Oven
Bacteriological Incubator
Vacuum Oven
BOD Incubator
Temperature Bath
Laboratory Autoclave
Orbital Shaker Incubator
Humidity Oven
Environmental chamber
Deep Freezer
Rotary Shaker
Blood Bank Refrigerator
UV Inspection Cabinet 
Digital Moisture Meter
Laminar Flow Bench
Vertical Dehumidifier
CO² Incubator
Fume Chamber
Viscometer Water Bath
Clean-Room Equipment
Muffle Furnace 

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Purpose Designed, fabricated to suit various applications in Laboratory
Construction Std. Model Inner S. Steel (SS 304) & Outer GI Powder coated.
GMP Model* Inner SS 316 & Outer Matt finish SS 304 gr. Double willed, outer body of S. Steel and / or Prime G. I. dully powder coated finish, inner made of S. Steel ( SS 304 or SS 316) grade. Outer metallic double walled dully-insulated door fitted with standard set of hardware. Having provision for adjustable mesh / perforated trays.
Insulation Gap of inner & outer walled filled with sufficiently thick thermal insulation.

The heating elements are designed for low wattage density to works on black heat, are in coil form supported with refractory or long lasting S.S. tubular heater are mounted either on sidewalls or backside inner wall as per design & airflow pattern.

Air Circulation Air draft by motorized air blower (dynamically balanced )blowing in the air at bottom and coming in working chamber from sides. No recalculation of air.
Temp. Control Microprocessor based Controller cum Indicator with suitable sensor.
Tamp. Range Ambient + 5°C to 60°C
Accuracy ± 0.5° C or better

Inner Size (Inch) Watts Cap. / Ltrs SS  Wire
Standard Complete SS
  14 x 14 x 14


  18 x 18 x 18   500   90




  18 x 18 x 24   500 120




  24 x 24 x 24   750 220


  24 x 24 x 36 1000 325


a) Safety Blind Controller
b) P.I.D. Controller with Printer Interface
c) P.I.D. Controller with PC Interface.

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