Stability Test Chamber
Designed to carry out stability & shelf list test on drug & drugs substance
Vacuum Oven
Scientifically designed to provide excellent vacuum & temp. performance
Laboratory Oven
Metallic double walled dully insulated door with Temp range 500C to 2000C
Stability Test Chamber
Laboratory Oven
Bacteriological Incubator
Vacuum Oven
BOD Incubator
Temperature Bath
Laboratory Autoclave
Orbital Shaker Incubator
Humidity Oven
Environmental chamber
Deep Freezer
Rotary Shaker
Blood Bank Refrigerator
UV Inspection Cabinet 
Digital Moisture Meter
Laminar Flow Bench
Vertical Dehumidifier
CO² Incubator
Fume Chamber
Viscometer Water Bath
Clean-Room Equipment
Muffle Furnace 

Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber
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Equipment developed as a result of intensive R & D and confirming to International Standards, suitable for most of environmental conditions, calibration, validation & Humidity Control Oven for above ambient conditions.

Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

Double walled, inner S.S.304 / 316* grade & outer S. Steel or GI dully Epoxy Powder coat / finish, gap filled with Glass wool insulation (PUF in situ foam*) Inner full length viewing glass / plexi door or viewing window on outer metallic door provided. (To select while ordering) Leak proof positive locking arrangement for door. Chamber illuminated with bulb.

Cooling -CFC free* Refrigeration
By Hermetically sealed brand new ISI marked compressor coupled with air cooled condensing unit fitted with Motor, fan blade, Electrical Accessories etc.. Mounted on bottom of unit on heavy base frame.
Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

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Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

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Humidity Created with Steam & Injection into working chamber.

By long lasting S. Steel Tubular Heater with fins.

Temperature Control
Electronic Digital Temperature Controller-Cum Indicator with Dry Bulb & Wet Bulb Principle. (Direct %RH setting optional)
Humidity Oven / Environmental Chamber

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Model Working Size Cap. Cft. Ltrs.
HTC 3 a) 40 X 40 X 57 cms ( 3 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
HTC 6 b) 50 X 50 X 70 cms ( 6 Cft / 175 Ltrs )
HTC 10 c) 57 X 57 X 88 cms ( 10 Cft / 285 Ltrs )
HTC 12 d) 60 X 60 X 95 cms ( 12 Cft / 90 Ltrs )
HTC 16 e) 70 X 70 X 90 cms ( 16 Cft / 450 Ltrs )
( Bigger Size / Walk-in-Humidity Chamber on request. )


Humidity Oven
( Above Ambient test )
Environment Chamber
( * with cooling facility)
Temp. Range Ambient + 5° C to 60° C 10 °C to 60° C
Humidity Range Ambient 90-95% RH 40 to 95% RH
Accuracy - Temp + 10C or better
RH + 5% or better
+ 10C or better
+ 3% or better

Optional :
1) Strip Chart Recorder for Dry & Wet Bulb or Dry & %RH
2) Higher Temperature Upto 700C ( RH ranges as Std )
3) Complete S. Steel Unit / GMP Models.
4) Any other sizes or other temperature range available on request.
5) Micro controller based PID Controller with Printer Interface (Centronic Port) compatible
6) Micro controller based PID Controller with RS-232 C PC Interface / RS-485
Interface for multiple networking of controller.
7) mP Profile Controller for cyclic applications (Ramps & Soak)

Ask Details for Programmable / Cyclic Chamber / Stability Chamber. ( * Optional )
Due to continues R & D model / specifications may change.
Picture shown with optional accessories.

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