Stability Test Chamber
Designed to carry out stability & shelf list test on drug & drugs substance
Vacuum Oven
Scientifically designed to provide excellent vacuum & temp. performance
Laboratory Oven
Metallic double walled dully insulated door with Temp range 500C to 2000C
Stability Test Chamber
Laboratory Oven
Bacteriological Incubator
Vacuum Oven
BOD Incubator
Temperature Bath
Laboratory Autoclave
Orbital Shaker Incubator
Humidity Oven
Environmental chamber
Deep Freezer
Rotary Shaker
Blood Bank Refrigerator
UV Inspection Cabinet 
Digital Moisture Meter
Laminar Flow Bench
Vertical Dehumidifier
CO² Incubator
Fume Chamber
Viscometer Water Bath
Clean-Room Equipment
Muffle Furnace 

Digital Moisture Meter (Dew Point) Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers


Digital Moisture Meter (Dew Point)

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For online monitoring (Portable) / Lab application
Display : Digital 0C.D.P. / PPM (Vol.)
Sensor : Imported high purity aluminum sensor.

Range :

a) -800C - 200C CD.P. (0.5-1000 PPM)
b) -800C - 00C CD.P. (0.5-6000PPM)
c) -500C + 200CD.P. (40-23000PPM)

Power : 230V. AC, 115V, A.C. /or 6V, 1.5 A.H. Battery with charger.
Accessories : Sensor holder, Sensor Cable, Flow control with Rota meter.



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